Our History

Old Sudbury Steam Cleaners

In business since 1901, Sudbury Steam Cleaners has continued to adapt to changing times to better serve its customers.

The enterprise humbly began in a two-story, 1,400 square foot building located downtown Sudbury at 65 Larch Street. By 1903, the company had already grown to employ 15 fulltime staff serving a number of
communities in the Sudbury area, with delivery wagons traveling to Copper Cliff twice weekly.

“From Thomas Edison’s three-piece suits to Elton John’s performance clothes, Sudbury Steam Cleaners has excelled at cleaning and preserving our heritage for more than 100 years.”

Due to expansion, Sudbury Steam Cleaners eventually moved to 171 Larch Street before settling in their current home at 210 Walnut Street in 1970. Today, as a result of the 1970 decision to move to expanded quarters, Sudbury Steam Cleaners utilizes 18,000 square feet on Walnut Street, with depots in both New Sudbury and the South End.

Throughout their history, Sudbury Steam Cleaners has always put an emphasis on utilizing the latest technology.

From the installation of office computer systems and tumble dryers in the 1980s to the most modern and  environmentally friendly machinery used in the drycleaning industry today, changing times has meant changing technologies for Sudbury Steam.

And although the basic process of dry cleaning is the same for most cleaners, Sudbury Steam believes that the attention and care they put into every job is what sets them apart. The employees at Sudbury Steam are true trades people in their field, providing an unrivalled level of performance and service.

There is no doubt that the people who have stood behind Sudbury Steam Cleaners have been the key to the steady growth of the company since it’s beginning in 1901.